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After critical milestones in education, each student faces this confusion ‘what comes next’ after completing tenth, twelfth and after graduation. Career counseling can help in all the essential milestones for a best profession. First off, to decide a stream or choice of subject, to decide the bachelor degree stream, after which, to decide the master degree and professional option!

In educational institution a helpless sixteen-year old student has choice of numerous streams - Humanities, science, mathematics, and commerce, and for seeking help regarding his or her career guidance he or she has the only opinion of his parents, his teacher’s judgment based totally on his percentage and the suggestions given to him by his or her friends and neighbors or relatives. After completing class 12th, a student is confused with his subject order and is congested with organizations offering numerous entrance coaching and colleges luring his / her attention. What help he or she has get regarding career decisions from  parents, teachers and some admission counselors who only  play his or her job role to place the student in college and course where they will get commission. A graduate child who is pursuing the degree is only because of the parent’s advice to him/ her to do it and thus without knowing the proper of their aim simply doing the course which after that leads to confusion about career, also a stressful life with regret.

How Professional or education Counseling works

Career Counseling involves practically complete Skill tests and personality development processes that help the student to get on a right career path, also career guidance helps the students to analyse the Skill and personality. It helps the student to put the best wings of their career and fly to touch good heights in future. Human skills and talents are boundless and cannot be measured, nor to judge by anyone with regards to what one can do or what kind of skills one have. Each person has some special qualities, for everyone has just his or her own good talent as well as some defects. The first is to know this special strength & passion with interest through career counseling & guidance.


Helps to choose a right career path

Career counseling supports the students to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various professional courses and educational possibilities and opportunities for the perfect career path it offers, thus the students can make good decisions as per their choice, and get a complete career assessment that guides them to skip the risk of changing the career path in future. So a career counseling and guidance is necessary to assist and organize one's skills and knowledge on career related decisions. It can boost self-esteem and positiveness and also give new paths to the students who really have passion and interest to reach their career destination and help them to become what they wanted to be.

Guidance on every possibilities and opportunities

With more employment possibilities in the market than ever, there is an expansion of the scholarly area too. Now the career steps does not end with graduation, alternately, it is rising further. Students who need to do a Masters or achieve doctorate in a specific stream actually because there is a remarkable distinction in demand and supply. Students are focusing on appropriate and profitable certification and professional diploma courses that can give them a way for a good professional career with the value of their main degree.

However, companies or many business organizations are having limited employment opportunities for a large number of candidates and thus, business organizations are only targeting the excellent resource for them. Career counselling is helpful and valuable in posting out the best skillful and well certified talents of a student. They analyse and point out the good skillful talents and other factors of a student which can guide them in their long term future. Finally, they guide the students for the right career  path of and the skills they possess to reach their future destination.


1.Rendering focus on the interest of a child

With regular guidance and counseling sessions, the student gets emotional and motivational support also it creates awareness in students for different opportunities & possibilities. Also the student gets clarity in life with motivational support.

2.Acquiring the right understanding

Every child is blessed with different qualities and skills in its own way. Fruitful counseling can assist the student to analyse his/her passion, interest and capabilities also enables him with the right information about every subject, course and career.

3.Solution to the problems and confusions

Counseling helps in finding a solution for every confusion or problem each student is facing in his/her career. It helps the students to remove different obstructions in their career path so that they don’t stuck in their life.

4.Enabling overall career development

Furthermore with academic and career success, aptitude and personality development is also necessary and valuable for the future life of each and every child. Students want to collect appropriate knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to locate their own life ambition, make their own preference and take important decisions to achieve those ambitions and objectives hence Students should also know how to become a good person or human in a society.

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