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Challenges faced by the teachers and students in the education sector due to Covid 

The current pandemic situation has definitely upset the entire education system too, that is a critical determinant of a nation's economic future .If we notice that in the second week of March, state government has initiated closing down schools and other educational institutions temporarily as a precaution to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. It's nearly a month and there's no hope whether it will revive or not. This is really a critical situation in the education sector especially for higher secondary, board examination students, pre-school admissions, entrance examinations of several colleges, and many competitive examinations, midst others, are entirely held all through this period. As the days pass away with no immediate remedies to stop the outbreak of Covid-19, school and university shutdowns will not only have a temporary effect on the flow of learning for more than 200 million young learners in India but also parents far-reaching economic and societal outcomes.


The management of teaching and education, including learning and analysis methodologies, was the first to be affected by these shutdowns. Only in a few or some private schools can only utilize the methodology of online teaching. The low-income of some private and government school that has worked under only primary sections like pre-schools counterparts, on the other hand, has completely shut down for not having access to e-learning solutions. 

The pandemic has quite disturbed the higher education area too, that is a significant determinant of a nation's monetary future. Enormous students of India—second just to China— register in colleges abroad, particularly in nations most noticeable as a terrible effect with the pandemic, the US, UK, Australia, and China. Many such students have now been banned from leaving these nations due to the education system. On the off chance that the situation endures, in the long run, a decrease in the demand for international higher education is normal. The largest review involve, in any case, on everyone's considerations is mainly on the impact of this disease on the employment rate in several fields. Recently many teachers have left the school due to funds or income and many are in India fear the withdrawal of job offers from educational institutions because of the current circumstance. The Center for Monitoring Indian Economy's evaluations on joblessness shot up from 8.4% in Mid-March of 2020 to 25% toward the starting month of April and in the urban area also the rate of unemployment increases by up to 35.9%.

Obviously, the pandemic has changed over the hundreds of centuries-old, chalk–talk education system to e-learning technology. A multi-pronged technique is important to control the outbreak of this disease and to establish a strong Indian education system for the long-period. 

In this time of Covid crisis, a well-rounded and effective educational practice is what is needed for the capacity-building of young minds to boost the talents which can guide them to their employability, skills, health, and well-being in the decades to come, and ensure the overall progress of India.

Due to the outbreak of COVID crisis the stoppage of educational institution mainly schools, colleges, and universities have messed up the continuity of proper learning system of the students and the current strategies of teaching education beyond the world. Many unexpected disputes have issued in the Kg-12 class education, that required be handling or managing in a unified model. According to the current if we search we may able to find that the education of nine million children beyond 37 countries is presently at stake.

Economic and social impacts of Covid-19 in the education sector 

After the shutdown of schools, colleges and other educational intuition like tutorials coaching centers will not only made an impact on students, teachers, and parents, it but also has some far-reaching economic and social outcome in all countries. 

As per the statistic analysis report of India, 15.55 crore children of the nation are come under the scheme of mid-day meal. This report denotes that it’s become an extra burden on the low income parents or families of the children who could not even affordable before this crisis to provide them food then how they can survive now.

As these parents are from other backward class and most of them are labours of daily wagers, it will surely build a very unfavorable layout, with that parents who are really struggling to provide onetime food for the survival of their family.

As per current situation this uncertainty will made an effect on the drawback in of the student’s fee payment, which can be literally affect on the earnings of respective schools and colleges, in turn made impact on the wealth of the educational institutions and also leads to the flow of income of teaching and non-teaching staff in the long run.

Reaching out to students

If we look upon the current situation and research we can definitely come to know that it is really a challenge for the entire educational sector and the teachers on how to reach out to students and confirm upholding of education with remote or distance learning. According to the statistical analysis, you can found that there are more than millions of students who belong from the different economic sections or parts of the society in the country and a maximum of them don’t have any facilities for access to computers or the internet. Some of them are financially unfit that they do not even have proper phones or android phones for better communication. According to the current situation, where isolation is the only solution to prevent the virus, providing the education facilities at this time to a child has really become a dispute.

Completion of previous session

In March many were schools startup with the new session. Now the schools had to shut down after a few classes only which may leads to bad affect on their studies. This situation has not only affected teaching but also disturbed whole the education management. 

Schedule of Board Examinations

Several Boards examination had to stop due this crisis. Actually it was still not clear about when were the last papers will be held all over India.

Parents’ preparedness

Attending to the instructional needs of the kids at home and managing their emotional needs is a difficult task. Parents with limited schooling or education face it difficult to facilitate their getting to need at home. Parents who aren't adept with on-line gaining knowledge of additionally find it difficult to help their kids.

Non-fiscal recommendation

Schools can make the most prepared online systems for the dissemination of concern subject to the students.

Assigning subject teachers for each child

While disseminating the statistics through online tools the class teachers or lecturers and the concerned subject teacher can speak to each student to cope up with the kid’s challenges and queries. Respective class teachers need to be in continuous touch with their college or school students on a regular basis.

Parents Counseling Cell

Along with the children, many parents or guardians also require counseling to conquer this disastrous situation. The counseling cell can guide interested parents or guardians who searching for assistance on how to make productive use of the time and handle the present situation regarding their child's career.

Use of videos or pictures for higher explanation

While designing the subject matter the teachers must keep in mind the gaining knowledge of the conduct of the kid; whether the kid understands better with text or videos. So that a teacher can deliver suggestive video links or make her very own video for any special child or for weaker students.

Alternative grading methodology

COVID19 might also maintain for months now. Students will get a large set back due to the lockdown. The boards should undertake an alternative and proper marking or grading scheme.

Create a contingency plan

The Government must be equipped with its contingency plans with rigorous academic making plans and syllabus prioritization in case of any pandemic in the future.


Doordarshan can commit a channel for Kg -12 education concerning more on concepts and hands-on experimentation with scheduled time allocated for each class. It also can be replicated in DD local channels, so that there is no language barrier within the learning method for students. Similarly, the radio can act responsibly and educate children via talks.

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